Navigating Cyber Risk with Confidence

StormGuidance, a name synonymous with Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Risk Management (STORM), is a trusted provider of specialised tools and advisory services. These offerings are meticulously crafted to alleviate the challenges faced by cyber insurance underwriters, brokers, and their valued customers. Additionally, StormGuidance extends its services directly to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their insurance status.

A Vision Realised

StormGuidance came into existence in 2014, driven by the visionary leadership of CEO Neil Hare-Brown. Recognising the pressing need to support victims of cybercrime, Neil saw an opportunity to serve the cyber insurance markets with tailored services. This vision aimed at enhancing client risk management and enabling swift, effective responses to cyber incidents. Since its inception, StormGuidance has made significant strides in this mission.

A Team of Experts

StormGuidance’s success story is intricately woven with the expertise of its dedicated team. This remarkable ensemble comprises the finest cyber professionals, each a specialist in their respective domains. From digital investigation and incident coordination to risk management, cyber consultancy, banking security, industrial control systems, IT forensics, and law enforcement, StormGuidance’s team covers a comprehensive spectrum of cyber expertise. Together, they have assisted numerous clients in recovering from the multifaceted challenges posed by cybercrime.

Assess, Plan, and Respond

StormGuidance’s guiding principle can be summed up in three simple yet powerful words: Assess, Plan, and Respond. This mantra underscores their approach to tackling cyber risks. First, a meticulous assessment of the situation is conducted. Then, a strategic plan is devised to address the specific challenges at hand. Finally, StormGuidance assists in executing a prompt and effective response, ensuring that their clients navigate the storm of cyber threats with confidence.

Hackademic is proud to partner with StormGuidance in our shared commitment to cybersecurity education. Together, we strive to empower learners with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the dynamic and evolving landscape of cyber risk. StormGuidance’s dedication to cyber risk management aligns seamlessly with our mission to prepare individuals and organizations to face the challenges of the digital age with resilience and confidence.