Why Veterans Make Exceptional Employees

Veterans bring a unique set of skills and qualities to any workplace, making them invaluable assets across various industries. Their experiences in the military equip them with cross-cultural collaboration skills, innovative thinking, and an acute awareness of how their actions impact themselves and those around them. According to UK Veterans, veterans also excel in presentation skills, quick decision-making, and resource conservation, making them versatile and effective employees.

Operational Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Hiring veterans presents several operational advantages. Research from LinkedIn highlights several key findings:

– Veterans are 39% more likely to ascend to leadership roles within their first three years compared to their non-veteran counterparts.

– Veterans typically stay with their employers about 8% longer than non-veterans.

– A significant 55% of veterans express a desire to pursue careers different from their military roles.

Employing veterans is thus a strategic move for any organisation seeking dedicated, high-potential candidates who are likely to assume leadership positions and demonstrate long-term loyalty.

Veterans in the Tech Industry

The tech sector is particularly well-suited for veterans, thanks to their adaptability, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. Veterans possess the soft skills that tech employers value: they are quick learners, adept under pressure, and capable of working efficiently towards common goals. While some technical training may be necessary, veterans are capable of excelling in various roles within tech companies, from development to sales.

The tech industry employs a significant number of veterans, with companies like HP and Oracle leading in veteran leadership roles, while Cisco and Microsoft have the most veterans in sales positions. HP and Microsoft also have notable numbers of veterans in research and design roles. Companies such as BAE Systems and Fujitsu have implemented impressive veteran engagement programmes, aimed at attracting and integrating veterans into their workforce, maximising their unique skills and strengths.

Hackademic, TechVets, and the Military Covenant: A Pathway to Tech Roles

Hackademic is committed to supporting veterans by working closely with TechVets and honouring the principles of the Military Covenant. This collaboration focuses on helping veterans transition smoothly into tech and cyber roles, recognising the valuable skills they bring from their military service.

TechVets is a leading initiative dedicated to reskilling veterans for careers in technology and cybersecurity. By partnering with TechVets, Hackademic provides veterans with access to specialised training programmes, mentorship, and job placement services. This partnership ensures that veterans receive the technical education they need to excel in the tech industry while leveraging their inherent skills and experiences.

The Military Covenant represents a promise from the nation to those who serve and have served, ensuring that they and their families are treated fairly. Hackademic’s commitment to the Military Covenant reinforces its dedication to supporting veterans in their career transitions, ensuring they are given equal opportunities and recognition in the civilian workforce.

Becoming a Veteran-Friendly Employer

To be a truly veteran-friendly employer, an organisation must align with the values-driven culture of the military. For veterans, understanding how their work contributes to the company’s values is crucial. Establishing a dedicated veteran hiring programme requires intentionality and resources but demonstrates a genuine commitment to supporting veterans. Such programmes can help attract qualified veterans to apply for open positions.

A significant challenge many companies face is finding veterans to hire. According to LinkedIn, 25% of companies report difficulties in locating veterans. A public-facing veteran hiring programme can help attract veterans to your organisation. Additionally, adapting the candidate screening and hiring process to better recognise the strengths presented in veterans’ resumes is essential.

Another cultural aspect of being a veteran-friendly employer involves including the families of veteran employees in company events and recognitions. Given that servicemembers often spend long periods away from their families, opportunities to celebrate and involve their loved ones in civilian life are deeply valued and appreciated.

Celebrating Veterans in Technology

The technology industry has long been a field where many veterans find opportunities to apply their skills and enhance the solutions delivered. Veterans contribute significantly to tech innovation, leveraging their unique experiences and strengths.

Organisations looking to implement a veteran hiring programme can benefit from managed services solutions to free up time in their schedules. Additionally, team training can help veterans already on the team maximise their potential. Our community thrives when we work together to support our veterans, fostering a supportive environment that recognises and values their contributions.

By fostering a veteran-friendly workplace and recognising the unique value veterans bring, companies can not only enhance their operational capabilities but also contribute to the well-being and success of those who have served. Hackademic, in collaboration with TechVets and the Military Covenant, is dedicated to making this vision a reality.