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Suberb Cyber Security Training Online

Whether you’re a beginner in the cyberworld or an expert looking to supercharge your knowledge, our courses got your back. Guaranteed!

Our vision is to establish a safer digital world. A world where you won’t have to worry about your valuable data being misused or your company’s reputation and money being stolen by hackers. Hackademic’s mission is to provide high quality cyber security training online which will empower you with the necessary skill set to stand firmly against the threats of cyberspace. Our course offering aims to supplement the cyber security Curriculum of Institutes of secondary and Higher education, all the way up to PhD level, as well as another set of courses relating to privacy laws and regulation.

The benefits of taking a security course are numerous. By taking our quality courses, you’ll be getting top class cyber security training online, provided by some of the best industry experts in the digital world. Regardless whether you are a student with no background in Cyber or a C-level expert, Hackademic will make sure you are fully equipped with the necessary skills and certification. By empowering students with bespoke cyber skills, our mission is to establish new experts who can help protect thousands of organizations and help them advance securely.

Understand IT security Issues

Executive Courses

Our Executive Courses’ main focus is providing Cyber Methodology knowledge to C-Level Managers. The first module includes an overall introduction to cyber security, potential threats, attacks and control. You will also learn technical terms to better understand what your technical staff do, in order to be able to plan and manage security initiatives and incident response.

By taking our cyber security training online, you will be able to clearly understand IT security issues, have the skill-set to manage them with attention to risk management, privacy and security regulations. By the end of this course, the students will be challenged to resolve a simulated cyber incident alongside a management crisis.


Cyber Management

A cyber security training online meant to strengthen company leaders’ understanding of security issues and ways to effectively manage them, as well as knowledge as to how their role is contributing to the protection and overall success of the company.


Cyber for Directors and C-Level

The purpose of this course is to provide decision makers with a broad understanding of the protection methodologies utilized in corporations. The course also covers security standards such as ISO27001, Cobit and NIST-I, and privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Incident Response cyber security training online

Incident Response

This course was designed to train professionals who intend to serve as the primary response teams to cyber events. You will learn how to approach to particular attacks or security incidents, minimize the damage and recovery time, as well as handling the aftermath.

Acquire the latest cyber security training online

Professional Courses

Hackademic provides a wide range of certified cyber security training online following the latest trends of data security. In an increasingly evolving digital space, we understand that our courses have to be always up-to-date. By providing cyber security training online via our virtual classrooms, we ensure top-notch quality to upgrade your current knowledge.

Our Professional Courses will equip you with all the practical knowledge needed to become a professional penetration tester, perform hacks yourself to identify potential breaches in security, building enhanced, more secure environments, how to use Forensic Systems and much more.

Joint Security Operations Professional cyber security training online

Joint Security Operations Professional

A first of its kind cyber security course designed to empower you with practical knowledge required to become a professional penetration tester.

Cyber Ethical Hacking cyber security training online

Cyber Ethical Hacking

This cyber security training online covers all the ways of identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a targeted system through penetration tests.

Cyber Protection Implementation for Engineers cyber security training online

Cyber Protection Implementation for Engineers

Focusing on providing strong practical experience, this course will train you

Introduction to Cyber Forensics cyber security training online

Introduction to Cyber Forensics

A course meant to introduce you to the world of Cyber Forensics, the ways a cyber attack might occur and how to prevent it.

Cryptography cyber security training online


A cyber security training online tailored to guide you through decrypting and encrypting data, analysing loop holes and cryptographic algorithms.

Windows Cyber Forensics Training cyber security training online

Windows Cyber Forensics Training

A course designed to equip you with the knowledge to perform computer investigation, discovery of viruses, memory retrieval and much more.

Introduction to Cyber cyber security training online

Introduction to Cyber

Through theoretical and practical cyber security training online, you will gain understanding of the terminology, methodology and the basic concepts of Cyber Security.

Cyber SIEM Training Using SPLUNK cyber security training online

Cyber SIEM Training Using SPLUNK

We will empower you with the knowledge required to analyze security risks and incidents, use predictive analytics and detect cyberattacks.

Linux Cyber Forensics Training cyber security training online

Linux Cyber Forensics Training

Become an expert in identifying, capturing, examining data from Linux systems in order to acquire valuable insights and handle Cyber incidents.

Cryptography cyber security training online

The A-Z of Cyber

A cyber security training online designed for students with no background in cybersecurity, established to lead you on your way to becoming a cyber protection implementer.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response cyber security training online

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Hackademic will equip you with the skills needed to provide a point of entry into the organisations, how to sign the attack and much more.

Become an expert in a rapidly growing niche

Youth Courses

With the increase of forensics incidents and constant cyberattacks nowadays, the need for specialized cyber security experts is greater than ever. The demand for Cyber specialists is huge and growing every day. We want to provide you the top-class skills to become an expert in the field and protect your or your client’s valuable data.

Our Youth Courses are carefully structured to train the next generation of Cyber experts. With the increasing interest for cyber security in high school students, we make sure to provide the latest trends, knowledge and certification. We lead our students, step by step, on their way to becoming cyber professionals. All of our cyber security training online is NCSC Certified.

Cyber for High School Students cyber security

Cyber for High School Students

Starting from the fundamentals, understanding the risks and the right solutions for solving cyber crimes, this course covers the core subjects of the cyber world.

Introduction to Cyber cyber security

Introduction to Cyber

We will introduce you to the terminologies, show you the basic concepts and establish a clear foundation for further improvement in your cyber security journey.

Going further than cyber security

Miscellaneous Courses

The influence of cyberspace has significantly increased throughout the past few years. Cell phones, Interactive Televisions, the Components of Internet of Things are only some of the things that can also be affected besides computers. Hackademic offers cyber security training online to educate financial institutions, lawyers, directors, prepare parents for the dangers of online gaming and much more.

Our miscellaneous courses are designed to enlighten you to the dangers of cyberspace and provide top of the class tools and skills to solve them. The dangers of cyber are ever increasing, but so is our knowledge and the ways to prevent them. Waste no more valuable time. Check out our online courses and learn the ways how cyberspace can affect you, your child or your business.


Day Seminar / Quick Course for Lawyers

A seminar to introduce lawyers to the dangers of cyberspace, anonymity, breach of privacy and solution to challenges from a local and international law perspective.


Day Seminar/ Quick Course for Financial Institutions

An online training to introduce extra security measures, risk management and understanding privacy regulations to financial institutions.


Day Seminar/ Quick Course for Directors

A Seminar focused on providing knowledge of the risks and regulations, tools used in modern day practices of cyberspace by experienced officers and directors.


Day Seminar/ Quick Course for Supply Chain Managers

A cyber security course online established to review various vectors of attack, equip you with understanding how to handle such risks and analysing threats.


Day Seminar/ Quick Course for Parents (Dangers of Online Gaming)

A seminar focused on the risks of online gaming and ways to stay safe, protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud, pedophilia and set cyber dangers to a minimum.


SIEM/SOC Training

A special practical course to give highly technical individuals the necessary knowledge of using log management systems and how to use them in real-world applications.


Employees Cyber Awareness Training

An online course designed to increase employees’ awareness of potential dangers of cyberattacks, and provide you tools and skills to strengthen your company’s security.

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