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Ensure your information security systems meet compliance and regulatory standards in your industry with our team of experienced consultants.

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How it Works

Hackademic’s expert consultants can help your corporate governance team implement effective and easy to follow information security management systems and meet your industry compliance requirements.

Managing Business Risk

What isGovernance, Risk & Compliance?

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is simply about managing risk to your business in different ways.

Strong corporate governance involves setting robust frameworks for your employees, creating key business processes and setting the right tone to ensure risk management is taken seriously within your business.  

Risk management is the identification, management and mitigation of risks within your business. 

Compliance is about meeting your regulatory obligations, whether that’s to protect your user’s data, establishing anti-money laundering practices or testing the effectiveness of your IT systems.


How we can help with your GRC

We know that creating and maintaining effective GRC policies can be a challenge for any business. That’s where our specialist consultants can make a big difference. With our support, you can transform your governance, risk and compliance efforts from a reactive, tick boxing exercise into a proactive, business driving undertaking.

Continuous Improvement

Achieving EffectiveCorporate Governance

C-level executives play a key role in setting a business culture and approach to compliance and data security. That’s why effective corporate governance is crucial. We can help the senior colleagues in your team set effective corporate governance functions across your business. 

our consultants can help you:
  • Make effective, clear decisions to drive change across your business
  • Upgrade board effectiveness 
  • Train and develop your staff to upgrade the skills and understanding within your team
  • Setup anti-fraud and ethics programmes  
  • Put in place monitoring and reporting to ensure policies and procedures are being followed

Our consultants specialise in coordinating activities across corporate governance functions to increase efficiency, allow for effective information sharing and reporting to prevent inefficient overlaps.


Smart Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management is more than just restricting what you do to reduce risk. Effective risk management can also be strategic and drive your business forward. Our consultants can help you identify, assess and prioritise risks to your business and set up systems to allow key decision-makers to implement changes themselves.

Assess & PrepARE

Meet Your ComplianceObligations

At Hackademic, we know it can be hard to keep up with ever-changing regulation and compliance requirements – especially when you operate in a highly regulated or fast-moving industry. That’s where our compliance experts can advise and guide your team to ensure you always stay up to speed with the latest compliance changes in your team.

After carrying out an initial compliance audit to identify any serious issues, our consultants can work with you to implement any policy changes or deliver training to your team. 


We can provide information security and compliance gap assessments, audits and best practice certification methodologies – to ensure your business is effectively prepared to meet your specific compliance requirements, including:

SOC 2 Compliance 

Our consultants will help assess your business practices and produce an internal SOC 2 report to help you understand any changes you need to make.  

ISO 27001 

If your business relies on being ISO/IEC 27001 certified, our team can ensure you’re meeting the standards needed to manage information security effectively within your business.


Why Choose Hackademic

Hackademic’s GRC solutions are delivered by information security management professionals with over 30 years of experience. 

Alongside our GRC consultancy services, we offer a series of training and other business services to support business owners, CTOs and other key stakeholders to improve the processes and mitigate risks within their businesses.

Governance, Risk & Compliance


Why are governance risk and compliance important?

It is to support organisations in improving their control, minimising effort, and reducing risks that might come their way.

What is GRC in cyber security?

Client data and organisational data must have a framework to ensure data security. This is regulated by Governance, risks, and compliance.

What is the difference between governance risk and compliance?

Governance focuses on the practice of compliance, risk looks for areas that could be deemed vulnerable and compliance ensures regulations are being met.

What is security governance in cyber security?

This is the act of directing and customizing the security of an organisation by creating framework.

What are the major components of cyber security governance?

Strategy, goals, standardised processes, resources, senior leadership oversight, accountability, and enforcement.

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