A Transformative Partnership for Cyber Resilience

Uniting Forces: Hackademic and StormGuidance

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing cybersecurity, Hackademic is proud to announce a strategic partnership with StormGuidance. This collaboration aims to reinforce our commitment to providing the most comprehensive and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

StormGuidance: Pioneering Cyber Risk Management

StormGuidance has been at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape since its inception in 2014. Founded by CEO Neil Hare-Brown, the company was born out of a noble vision to support cybercrime victims and offer invaluable services to the cyber insurance sector. Over the years, StormGuidance has assembled a team of top-tier experts in digital investigation, incident coordination, risk management, cyber consultancy, banking security, industrial control systems, IT forensics, and law enforcement.

Their sterling reputation is built on the foundation of helping thousands of clients recover from various cyber threats and incidents, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to cybersecurity.

The Game-Changer: Cyber3 Platform

Central to our collaboration is the introduction of the Cyber3 platform by StormGuidance. This revolutionary tool simplifies the intricate world of cyber insurance risk assessment, offering a jargon-free dashboard that provides profound insights into policyholder Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM).

What sets Cyber3 apart is its meticulous derivation from comprehensive analysis, including the study of various insurance proposal forms and StormGuidance’s extensive experience with cyber claims. This means that Cyber3 is not only a powerful tool for understanding your cybersecurity posture but also a platform that is recognised within the insurance market.

Assess, Plan, and Respond

StormGuidance guiding principle can be summed up in three simple yet powerful words: Assess, Plan, and Respond. This mantra underscores their approach to tackling cyber risks. First, a meticulous assessment of the situation is conducted. Then, a strategic plan is devised to address the specific challenges at hand. Finally, StormGuidance assists in executing a prompt and effective response, ensuring that their clients navigate the storm of cyber threats with confidence.

The Cyber3 Advantage

Let’s delve into the core components of Cyber3 and the advantages they offer:

Expert Review

StormGuidance representatives can guide clients through a 90-minute online assessment led by a cybersecurity expert. This comprehensive review identifies key risk indicators and tailors remediation strategies to enhance clients’ security controls. The assessments conducted by StormGuidance adhere to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, PCI DSS, NIST, and ENISA standards.

Cyber Maturity Scoring

StormGuidance representatives can provide clients with a comprehensive review, presenting findings in a dashboard-style format accompanied by a custom-written report. This report breaks down the client’s Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM) into a straightforward 1-5 score across five essential areas.

Client Remediation Plan

StormGuidance representatives can deliver results complete with a remediation report containing an opinion statement and a prioritised improvement action plan. Additionally, clients will receive a digital asset register, simplifying the process of elevating their CRMM.

A Streamlined Process

The Cyber3 process is designed for simplicity:

1. Arrange Client Engagement

Conducted by StormGuidance cyber risk specialists.

2. StormGuidance Assessor Performs Review

A StormGuidance specialist walks the client through each question, offering full clarification and support.

3. Report Delivery

Clients receive a report devoid of jargon, complete with an opinion statement and a clear improvement action plan, all ranked by criticality.

Who should attend the assessment call?

Generally, there should be some key persons of the organisation who should be present for the assessment as there are questions regarding:

    • Financial questions about your organisation, such as IT Budgeting and payment roles,
    • Data protection information, such as policies, compliance and business information assets,
    • IT security questions, such as cyber security systems, IT infrastructure and your cyber incident management processes.

Comprehensive Standards-Based Questions

StormGuidance representatives can rely on an approach grounded in cyber security and data privacy standards and best practices, including ISO 27001/27701, PCI DSS, NIST, ENISA, and more. This approach encompasses the key requisites of leading cyber insurance underwriters, assisting clients in determining, comprehending, and prioritising pragmatic enhancements in cyber risk reduction.

Technical Assessment

Automated checks progress as the assessment unfolds, encompassing vulnerability scans of clients’ systems, domain checks to detect malicious fake domains, and open-source intelligence checks that provide an ‘Attacker’s Eye View’.

Key Insights from Cyber3

  • Key Cyber Risk Indicators: Presented in a dashboard format with clear scoring explanations, integrated with an ‘Attacker’s Eye View’ analysis.
  • Cyber Risk Management Maturity Score: Detailed findings are rolled up into a practical rating across five key areas: People, Process, Technology, Data Asset Awareness, and Vendor Management.
    Prioritised Improvement Checklist: Recommendations distilled into a list of actionable steps, facilitating incremental enhancements in maturity.
  • Cyber Specialist Opinion Statement: An objective and evidence-based commentary on key risks, accompanied by guidance on addressing them.
  • Certificate of Assessment: An official Certificate of Assessment issued by StormGuidance.
  • Optional Integration with Cyber Insurance Application Forms: Seamlessly merge the assessment into a cyber insurance application.

A United Approach

By joining forces with StormGuidance and integrating the innovative Cyber3 platform into our existing cyber products and services, Hackademic is paving the way for a more secure and resilient digital future. Our aim is to empower businesses, regardless of their size or industry, with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their digital assets effectively, respond decisively to cyber threats, and enhance their overall cyber readiness.

This partnership represents a significant step towards creating a digital landscape that is fortified against cyber threats and conducive to sustainable growth. Together with StormGuidance, we are committed to providing the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions and services to our clients, guiding them towards a cyber-secure future.

Welcome to a new era of cybersecurity, where Hackademic and StormGuidance unite to safeguard your digital realm and elevate your cyber resilience.


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