GDPR Professional Training Course

TRECCERT GDPR Professional is an advanced-level course developed to provide trainees with a solid knowledge of the GDPR 2016/679 requirements and controls. The training course provides an in-depth understanding of the applicability, principles, requirements and obligations of GDPR.
Three (3) Days
CPC Credits
Training Mode
Classroom and online
Target Audience

The GDPR Professional training course is developed for individuals responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a GDPR program, for example:

  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Processing Assessment Manager
  • Privacy Assessment Manager
  • Information Security Risk Manager

Learning Objectives

  • Know and understand the core elements of the General Data Protection Regulation, including its status, scope, impact and responsibilities of the parties involved.
  • Know and understand the importance of processing personal data based on data protection principles and compliance with GDPR requirements.
  • Know, understand and be able to establish a data protection implementation plan, implement data protection measures and maintain a data protection framework.
  • Know and understand the basic methods used to manage information security risk and data breach programs.
  • Know, understand and be able to assess compliance of the implemented data protection framework with the GDPR requirements.

Course Material Factsheet

Training Slides: 400

Quiz Questions: 20

Exercises: 5

Course Material

  1. Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Introduction to Data Protection
    • GDPR Overview
    • Personal Data
  2. GDPR Core Elements
    • Principles of Data Processing
    • Data Subject
    • Data Controller and Data Processor
    • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
    • Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data
    • Personal Data Breaches
  3. Implementing a Data Protection Framework
    • Building a GDPR Implementation Plan
    • Define and Implement Data Protection Measures
    • Managing Risks
    • Data Breach Preparedness and Response
  4. GDPR Compliance Assessment
    • Data Protection Assessment
    • Compliance Assessment Process

Examination Details

Nr. Of questions: 100

Type of Exam: Multiple Choice

Duration: 120 minutes

Location: Online

How can I enroll this course?

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