Data Protection Specialist Impact Analysis (DPSIA) Training Course

Data Protection Specialist Impact Analysis (DPSIA) is a course developed to provide trainees with a solid knowledge of data protection risk identification and minimization applications. The training course provides an in-depth explanation of personal data processing activities and their related risk levels, which can be managed by initiating the integration of appropriate safeguards.
One (1) Days
CPC Credits
Training Mode
Classroom and online
Target Audience

The DPSIA training course is developed for Data Protection Specialists and any professional who aims to enhance skills in managing and minimizing data protection risk through a DPIA framework.

Learning Objectives

  • Know and understand the data protection essentials and get introduced to data protection laws and regulations.
  • Know and understand the importance of processing personal data based on data protection principles and compliance with data protection requirements.
  • Know, understand and be able to establish a data protection impact analysis framework
  • Know and understand the basic methods used to integrate the DPIA framework into organizations and manage it effectively
  • Know, understand and be able to assess compliance of the implemented DPIA framework.

Course Material Factsheet

Training Slides: 100

Quiz Questions: 5

Exercises: 2

Course Material

  1. Introduction to Data Protection
    • Defining Data Protection
    • Personal Data
    • Data Protection Regulation
  2. Data Protection Impact Assessment
    • Introduction to DPIA
    • Standards and Laws that Support the DPIA
  3. Inputs of conducting the DPIA
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • DPIA Pre-Assessment
    • Business Processes
    • Processing Purposes and Types of Data
    • Data Protection Policies and International Transfers
  4. 6-Steps Model to Conduct DPIA
    • Identify whether DPIA is required
    • Define Project Characteristic
    • Identify Data Protection Related Risks
    • Identify Solutions
    • Sign-off the DPIA Outcomes
    • Integrate DPIA Solutions into Projects
  5. DPIA Template
    • DPIA Template Example for Candidates

Examination Details

Nr. Of questions: 40

Type of Exam: Multiple Choice

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Online

How can I enroll this course?

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