• For all employees as a monthly subscription model based on the amount of users subscribed.
  • Via online portal:
    • Demonstrate to staff how a real-world cyber-attack could occur, using regular phishing simulations.
    • Instruct staff on what to be aware of and what actions to take, should they suspect a cyber issue, via short/impactful cyber security training videos.
    • Report on progress to demonstrate meaningful reductions in human risk

The final day then provides some depth into understanding how a defence strategy(SIEM) is designed by an in-house Security team, how incidents are responded to and an overview of defence technologies and resources.

As part of this course, the student will become familiar with technical language which is important to understand their companys’ Corporate Information Security requirements and to act on them.

Suitable for

  • Employees and company stakeholders at all levels
  • Employees with legal compliance responsibilities


  • None. No need for prior technical knowledge.


  • Short practical and engaging lessons with questions and further reading.

Skills Taught


  • Understanding of different cyber-security frameworks
  • Understand and analyze risk
  • Awareness of Information Security threats, whether internal or external
  • Understand how to cooperate with IT/Security team in preventing cyber attacks
  • Assist your organisation to conform to privacy and data protection regulations

Course Outlines

Course Type : AWARENESS
Course duration : Monthly Subscription
Price : £5 Monthly Per Employee
Delivery : Live Virtual Classroom
Course Material : Short