05-3 ADVANCED LEVEL – Certified Penetration Tester


This course teaches you the skills for you to move on as a Certified Ethical Hacker, to a Certified Penetration Tester, both to certified to cyber security industry standards . You will need to use stealth to quietly attack and penetrate a Corporate and steal data, whilst avoiding detection by IT security and detection systems. You will need both cyber security & development skills to create new undetectable attacking tools.

This course teaches Python to create and develop tools you will need, and you will need to pass penetration tests cases which will teach you new attacking skills.

Suitable for

  • Security or IT professionals, SOC analyst seeking to join or as members of RED Team , to advance to Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester


  • Understanding of development, networking and Linux /Windows domain


  • Virtual Classroom and AWS lab environment

Skills Taught


  • Develop with Python
  • Get familiar with attack methods, models and processes
  • Write detailed reports
  • Create advanced risk assessments relating on technical evidence
  • Develop macros (VBA) to create malicious office files
  • Access networks and hosts using enumeration and password attack techniques
  • Penetrate web applications
  • Become familiar with tunnelling methods
  • Use Powershell to attack and spread in a Windows domain environment
  • Understand the defenders perspective – security systems and forensics
  • Avoid detection by anti-viruses, IDS and Firewalls
  • Write Malware and exploit using Python

Course Outlines


  • Security Systems
  • Forensics perspective
  • AV Evasion
  • Writing a Malware (Python)
  • Exploitation
  • Network monitoring evasion

Course duration : 5 days
Price : £2665 (ex VAT) Per Student
Delivery : Live Virtual Classroom
Course Material : Accessed via LMS