04-3 ADVANCED LEVEL – Certified Web Penetration Tester


This course is to familiarise anyone wishing to exploit a website, operating system, or cloud application, with the technology itself. Web application penetration testing is not just “attacking” a website and executing automated tools, rather it is understanding any aspect on the website – how it works; what are the inputs; what is the logic of any function, and so on.

Users are rarely familiar with web applications technologies they use and therefore, if you wish to be a web application penetration tester, you need to have a deep understanding about web technologies, how the developer created the functions and how inputs are entered onto the website.

In this course, you will get a thorough and in depth understanding of web application and how to develop a website using the most up to date technologies and security mechanisms such as sessions, JWT, local storage and logins.

Suitable for

  • Candidates who wish to be a web application penetration testers or bug bounties hunters


  • None

Skills Taught


  • Deep understanding about anything related to web applications – server side, client side, databases, and cloud
  • Define devops technologies to implement web servers and websites
  • Get familiar with authentication mechanisms
  • Develop a frontend interface using JS framework
  • Develop a backend server using server side scripting

Course Outlines


  • Client Side – HTML, JS, CSS
  • Frontend framework – React JS
  • Application Programing Interface (API)
  • Backend – Python
  • Apache2, nginx

Course duration : 5 days
Price : £2665 (ex VAT) Per Student
Delivery : Live Virtual Classroom
Course Material : Accessed via LMS