02-2 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL – Cyber Security & Certificate


This pathway course and the next is designed to prepare participants for industry standard certification as a CISSP which validates a holder’s ability and expertise in all fields of information security, who can be relied upon for the IT design, controls and management of highly secure environments.

The course aims to develop your expertise and use of best practise in defining IT architecture and ensuring a secure business environment using global information security standards, and includes a exam which will prepare you for the certification exam

Suitable for

  • Technically skilled security administrators and analysts seeking CISSP certification


  • High understanding of technology, networks & security


  • Live Virtual Classroom and AWS lab simulation

Skills Taught


  • Understand what cyber and information security is and get familiar with the cyber world and its basic terms.
  • Understand cyber-attack concepts and methods
  • Get familiar with networking and network packets analysis
  • Get familiar with Windows’ weak points and malware’s footholds
  • Analyze an infected Windows host using analysis tools

Course Outlines


  • What information security is and case studies from today’s attacks and defenses
  • How a hacker thinks and acts
  • How computers communicate with each other with the TCP/IP model
  • Windows – weak points to find out attackers
  • How to analyze Windows host using Sysinternals tools

Course duration : 3 days
Price : £2100 (ex VAT) Per Student
Delivery : Live Virtual Classroom
Course Material : Accessed via LMS