02-1 BASIC LEVEL – Cyber Warfare Fundamentals


The Cyber warfare program is a general course to familiarize you with cyber security risks and defences. This course provides a basic understanding of full-spectrum cyberspace operations, the complexities of the cyberspace environment, as well as planning, organising, and integrating offensive operations.

The course will consist of presentations and exercises that will teach you how to define security risks, penetrate your organization and execute a defence. At the conclusion of the course, you will have a fundamental understanding of how to analyze, plan for, and execute cyberspace operations.

Suitable for

  • Candidates seeking for studying the background and understanding of the challenges posed by the cyber world.


  • There is no need for prior technical knowledge
  • Candidates with high technical ability, proficiency.

Skills Taught


  • Understand what cyber and information security is and get familiar with the cyber world and its basic terms.
  • Understand cyber-attack concepts and methods
  • Get familiar with networking and network packets analysis
  • Get familiar with Windows’ weak points and malware’s footholds
  • Analyze an infected Windows host using analysis tools

Course Outlines


  • What information security is and case studies from today’s attacks and defenses
  • How a hacker thinks and acts
  • How computers communicate with each other with the TCP/IP model
  • Windows – weak points to find out attackers
  • How to analyze Windows host using Sysinternals tools

Course Type : AWARENESS
Course duration : 3 days
Price : £1850 (ex VAT) Per Student
Delivery : Live Virtual Classroom
Course Material : Accessed via LMS