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Proven, Affordable IT Security Courses

Kickstart your career with premium cyber security training courses
led by highly qualified veterans & experts of cyber intelligence.

Our mission

Establishing a safer, digital world for everyone

Hackademic’s mission is answering the shortage of cybersecurity experts with bespoke, up to date IT security courses. By using a cutting edge technology and innovative approach, we aim to supercharge talent with skills that will ensure they stand their ground against dangers in the cyber world. We aim to establish new experts via our IT security courses who will be able to protect organizations’ valuable data and corporate money, and help them grow in a secure digital environment. Hackademic focuses on providing high quality training for industry partners, professionals and beginners. All of our courses are specifically designed to enhance your cyber security knowledge and skill sets regardless of your current level of expertise.

Our values

Affordable Certification Courses of Premium Quality

With the continually growing number of potential threats in the digital world, we know that a highly-qualified personnel is needed to safeguard your data. Hackademic offers superb, custom-tailored IT security courses for different market sectors or individual corporate needs.

Current cybersecurity knowledge IT security courses

Up-to-Date Cybersecurity Knowledge

Our courses are specifically designed to implement the latest trends and knowledge in cyber security. Guarding the digital space is our top priority.

Full transparency IT security courses

Full transparency about the training

We provide full transparency regarding our course contents and the taught skill sets. You will have all the answers before starting a particular course.

NCSC APMG accreditation IT security courses

NCSC/APMG accreditation

Our materials are rigorously assessed against NCSC’s high standards, ensuring our students receive consistent training with industry best practice.

Use of AI & ‘big data' IT security courses

Unique ways of using AI & 'Big Data'

We have a bespoke method of using AI and ‘big data’ to analyse our student’s strengths and weaknesses. Using this data, we tailor our learning approach.

Our team

IT Security Courses led by Cyber Experts

Our Certified courses are led by a team of 20+ extraordinary technology specialists and experts in the field. Instructors who are all highly qualified veterans of military cyber intelligence, recognised and on-par with the NSA. Hackademic’s experts in IT Security Courses are graduates of the Computer Professional Training School, many of them being former senior CIOs and CISOs. All are professionals in Digital Forensics, Encryption, Ransomware and Cryptographic malware.

100% Dedicated team to improving safety in the digital world.
Your progress in the cyber world is our top priority.

Company bio

Securing our digital Future

Hackademic Ltd., founded in 2021 and based in Silsoe, Bedford, UK is a world class provider of bespoke cyber security training courses. We offer a wide range of courses powered by a customized AI to custom-tailor our approach and increase learning efficiency. Our mission is to take businesses on a journey of discovery in Cyber Education in a way that attracts everyone to become stakeholders in Cyber Security. Our goal: to increase and empower employee security awareness, build a cyber security focused culture and prevent dangerous cyber breaches and attacks with AI powered security testing. All our IT security courses are delivered using live virtual interactive classrooms and we have an on-going R&D Development and introduction of new courses reflecting changes in cyberspace.

Where we aim

Committed to your Protection

Hackademic’s goal is to provide IT Security Courses that exceed expectations with novel and ongoing introduction of new material, keeping up with the changes and trends in the cyber world. Realizing the dangers of your data being hacked or stolen, we aim to equip our students with superb cyber security skill sets and together, help individuals and companies protect their data. By continually following the trends, risks and innovativity in the digital world, Hackademic will stay on top of any potential issues that might hurt you or your company. We aim to be the Tesla of Cyber Security.