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At Hackademic, we empower individuals and businesses in cybersecurity. We provide knowledge and skills to excel in this critical field, helping face digital age challenges confidently.


Cyber Threat Mastery

From training courses to security assessments, Hackademic is here to equip you with the expertise and insight to combat constantly evolving cyber threats.

Risk Management

Strategic Cybersecurity Partnership

Secure your organization. Partner with Hackademic’s cybersecurity experts to protect valuable assets. Contact us to discuss risk management and building a resilient, secure environment.

Security Testing

Security Testing Excellence

In today’s fast-changing digital landscape, securing your organization’s systems is crucial. Hackademic values robust security testing, partnering with CREST-accredited experts to assess your security effectively and enhance operations.

GRC Services

Compliance Efficiency Partner

In today’s intricate regulatory environment, achieving compliance across various frameworks can be challenging. Hackademic collaborates with top GRC Consultants to offer comprehensive consultancy services, optimizing compliance efforts for businesses.

Our Services


Hackademic empowers UK professionals with advanced training in cyber threats, offering skills and knowledge through training programs and security audit


Risk Management

We partner with expert cybersecurity consultants to provide a range of comprehensive services tailored to your risk management needs…

Security Testing

We offer a wide range of security testing services to help you understand the effectiveness of your organisation’s security operations…

GRC Services

Your Trusted Partner for Streamlined Government, Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services…

Our Courses

At Hackademic, our cybersecurity training courses are designed to empower individuals and businesses with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape securely. Explore our comprehensive range of courses today.

Audit Courses

ISO Management

Information Security


Business Continuity

Data Protection & GDPR

Our Partners

At Hackademic, we believe that cybersecurity is not one-size-fits-all; it’s about tailored solutions that empower both individuals and businesses. Our partnership with TRECCERT and StormGuidance is a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic approach to cybersecurity, risk management, and ISO certification.

Empowering ISO Certification

Hackademic proudly serves as the official UK & Ireland distributor for TRECCERT’s ISO certification courses.

Whether you aspire to be an ISO 27001 Lead Implementer or Auditor, we offer top-notch certification training programs. Crafted by industry experts, our programmes blend theory with practicality. With hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, you’ll not only gain knowledge but also practical skills.

Choose from a variety of training formats to suit your needs – online training, on-site sessions, or customised programs. Rest assured, our training adheres to industry standards and enjoys global recognition. We are your gateway to becoming a certified ISO professional.

Navigating the Cyber Insurance Landscape

StormGuidance is your guide in the intricate realm of cyber insurance risk assessment. The Cyber3 platform simplifies and enhances your understanding of client risk, all presented in a jargon-free dashboard. This tool goes beyond data – it provides insights into policyholder Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM) and generates proposal forms to reduce the workload for brokers.

STORM, an acronym for Strategic, Tactical & Operational Risk Management, defines our focus. Our partner offers specialized tools and advisory services to assist underwriters, brokers, and businesses in managing cyber risk effectively.​

We Work with Class Leading Engineers and Consultants

At Hackademic we believe in collaborating with the finest engineers and consultants in the field. Our commitment to excellence drives us to partner with the very best in the industry to bring you the most robust solutions.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our network of experts includes professionals with a deep understanding of cybersecurity, risk management, compliance, and penetration testing. These experts have a wealth of experience in digital investigation, incident coordination, risk assessment, cyber consultancy, and much more. Their combined knowledge and skills are a formidable resource at your disposal.

Tailored Solutions

When you choose Hackademic, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re gaining access to a team of specialists who excel in customising solutions to meet your unique needs. We take pride in delivering results that align with your specific requirements, ensuring that your cybersecurity, risk management, and penetration testing strategies are a perfect fit for your organisation.

Join Us on Your Cyber Journey

Hackademic and our esteemed partners collectively offer a one-stop destination for those navigating the ever-changing and complex world of cyber risk and compliance. Whether you’re a business seeking robust risk management strategies, an organisation looking to enhance its cybersecurity, or an individual aiming for ISO certification and compliance, we are here to support you.

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