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Acquire skills to prevent dangerous data leaks

Let’s face it. Having a simple firewall to protect your data nowadays is not enough. You need your team to have up-to-date knowledge to prevent any data leaks that might harm you or your company. We provide various cybersecurity courses focused on acquiring knowledge and skills to manage information security, assurance, risk-based processes. All our courses are delivered using live virtual interactive classrooms. Providing bespoke cybersecurity training is our top priority.

hackademic Ensure your data is well protected cybersecurity training

Ensure your data is well protected

We provide cybersecurity training that will help you stay ahead of the latest security threats. Our team of expert security engineers will guide you on how to achieve security penetration testing efficiency. Penetration tests are an industry recognised approach to identify harmful risks that could cost you or your company a lot of money and loss of data. By the end, you will be able to perform high-quality penetration tests and pinpoint potential security vulnerabilities.

Our cybersecurity training will make sure you master security penetration testing and are able to manage your risk, protect partners and clients, as well as identify potential backdoors to your valuable data.

hackademic Ensure your data is well protected cybersecurity training
Cyber aware

Be informed about potential risks

Passwords to high-value data and private information, billions of dollars worth of corporate money and damage to the reputation of brands have all been targets over the years. Hackers try to get access to your account by using various software to crack your passwords and harm your business.

We offer cybersecurity courses that focus both on theoretical and practical approaches that will make sure you remain prepared and on top with the latest advancements. Our cybersecurity training ranges from beginners who have never known the dangers of cybercrime, all the way to professionals who want to advance in their careers and become industry experts.

Why Hackademic

Cybersecurity Training by Military Cyber-Intelligence Experts

Hackademic’s main goal is to empower you with the latest skills and knowledge of cybersecurity. Our team of high-quality trainers, including graduates of military cyber intelligence and professional educators will make sure you won’t have to worry about cyber threats ever again. We use ASW Labs for real hands-on training and cyber-attack resolution. Using AI and ‘big data’, we analyse a student’s strengths and weaknesses in real-time which provides us ways to uniquely approach their learning methods.

Our cybersecurity training will ensure you get high technical abilities, new cyber defense tools and you will be able to establish preventive measures by responding quickly and efficiently.

About Hackademic

Be the cybersecurity Hero everyone is looking for

Achieve outstanding cybersecurity training and skill-set to prevent tracking,
stop hackers and dangerous cyber threats.

Hackademic is top of the class cybersecurity academy whose goal is to lead you through the necessary knowledge required to guard your and your company’s data from digital danger. Our 20+ technology professionals are all highly qualified, experts in Digital Forensics, Encryption, Ransomware and Cryptographic malware. Our cybersecurity courses include basic Cyber Terminology, courses on attack types and vulnerabilities, Ethical Hacking, Forensics, Security Management and many more.

Whether you’re just a beginner in the cyber world or a professional seeking knowledge to establish himself as an industry leader, Hackademic’s cybersecurity training will ensure you get the knowledge you’re looking for, empowered by a Certification recognised in the industry after a successfully completed final test. Each one of our courses are carefully designed to provide clear career paths and the necessary skill-set to make sure you’ll never have to worry about cyber threats ever again.

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